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Button Pins

Be on a look out! We are passing out button pins this week. This year we are testing out a new rubric system for some of our classes. When the dancer can perform a skill consistently it will be marked completed and once they finish all skills in one category they will receive their pin for that category. Each category has between 2-10 skills. We hope this will help them stay motivated and it will help us in the future in placing your dancer in the correct class. Tumbling Blue and Red: Their are 5 pin categories: Stationary Skills, Locomotor Skills, Rolls, Cartwheel, Front Skills Tumbling Green and Yellow: There are 7 pin categories: Stationary Skills, Rolls, Cartwheel, Front Skills, Running Skills, Back Skills, Flexibility Level 1 and 2 Ballet: There are 5 pin categories: Balance, Skills, Jumps, Turns, Positions Level 1 and 2 Jazz: There are 4 pin categories: Skills, Jumps, Turns, Flexibility Level 1 and 2 Tap: There are 2 pin categories: Combinations, Skills Level 1 and 2 Pom: There are 4 pin categories: Combinations, Skills, Jumps, Turns A Counting Pin will be given out once to any dancer in ballet, tap, jazz or pom.

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