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Dance is the only art
that we ourselves are the material
of which it is made.

Studio 201 is provides a quality dance education in a positive, nurturing environment that will instill a love of dance to children young and old. We offer ballet, tap, jazz, pom, hip hop, musical theater, acro/tumbling, competition and a movement class for toddlers and preschool age.


Studio 201 is owned by Emily Sullivan. Growing up Emily took classes at Royal Dance Academy under the instruction of Brenda Israel,  Stephanie Clark, and Roger Israel. Along with getting her BA in graphic communication, she went on to study dance at the University of Northern Iowa. She received her CDA in early childhood development in December of 2018. She became a certified dance instructor in 2018. 

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Kylie Neef is going to be junior in college studying early childhood education. She has been dancing since she was three and hasn’t stopped since! She has trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, musical theater, and more! She adores kids and has been teaching dance the past four years!

2023-2024 Season
Tentative Schedule
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Ballet provides a solid foundation for all other forms of dance and therefore, we strongly encourage dancers who are interested in other classes to enroll in ballet, as well. Students will learn the 6 feet positions and arms. We will also be using the French ballet terms. We do not pigeon hole into one area of ballet, we hope to show students aspects of lyrical, classical and modern ballet. Ages 5 and up.


Jazz is recommended to develop style, strength, and versatility. We will build on the ballet foundation of dance principles, knowledge of dance vocabulary, and technique. Our Jazz classes will also be pulling inspiration from different styles such as hip-hop, classical, lyrical, modern (just to name a few). Classes are structured around proper warm-up, across-the-floor progressions and combinations, center-floor technique and combinations, and performance skills and routines. Ages 7 and up.

Tap  enhances rhythmic dynamics, speed, and agility. It instills an awareness of the music; its timing, rhythm and changes in energy. Ages 5 and up.


Our pom classes work towards taking a group of individual dancers and turning them into one dancing unit. We work with pom motions, jumps, turns and group formations. Ages 5 and up.

K1 Combo

This class is for Kindergarten and 1st graders who wants to try multiple dance styles but do not want to live in the studio. This hour long class will teach tap, ballet and pom styles. They will two dances in recital and one dance at winter showcase.

Musical Theater

This class is filled with Broadway style dancing and music. Classes incorporate the style of dance one would typically see on a Broadway and musicals. This class will work on acting and storytelling through dance.

Dance Ambassadors

Our Dance Ambassadors will perform at community events throughout the year and our final dance of the recital.  Routines are usually upbeat. Dancer must be in 2nd grade or older and enrolled in at least one other class. 


Movement classes are for little ones ages 18m to preschool age. It's an informal class including movement, rhythm, music, counting and of course dancing. We work towards following directions, working with a group, and acquiring skills necessary to perform in a group (for example, waiting their turns). Parents/guardians are asked to stay during the class and are welcome to join in on the fun.  This class is not part of the recital. This class are six week sessions and registration is required.

This is an introduction class to dance for our 3 and 4 year olds. We will focus on 11 fundamental dance concepts, ballet terminology on top of working on coordination and gross motor skills such as leaping, skipping and galloping. We work on following directions and working in a group. 

Hip Hop

A class full of combinations to popular hip hop songs and learning new moves such as a stalls. Ages 3 and up.


This will be a fun and exciting environment where they will learn a variety of tricks. The first half of the year we will work on skills listed below. The second half we will learn a dance that will incorporate the skills the we have learned to perform at our spring recital.
Preschool tumbling: Will concentrate on but not limited to table tops/bridges, donkey kicks, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls!
Middle tumblers: Will concentrate on but not limited to backbend kick overs, front limbers, headstands and handstand forward rolls!
Older tumblers: Will concentrate on but not limited to back walk overs, chin stands, elbow stands, dive rolls and hand springs!


We will have a Jazz, Lyrical ballet, hip hop, and Acro competition classes. These classes will compete in several competitions in the spring and will perform at recital. Dancer must dance with Studio 201 for 1 year before they are eligible to compete. 



Minutes/Week         Monthly $

        20                        $28

        30                        $36

        40                        $44

        50                        $52

        60                        $60

        70                        $68

        80                        $76

        90                        $84

        100                       $92

        110                        $100


Sibling Discount          $5 off a month per class

$52 per month for Solo's

Tuesday Movement Dance       

$36.00 per six week session.

Dance Ambassadors
Enrolled in 4 or more classes = Free
Enrolled in 3 classes = $6/month

Enrolled in 2 classes = $12/month

Enrolled in 1 class = $18/month

Minutes/Week         Monthly $

          120                    $108

          130                    $116

          140                    $124

          150                    $132

          160                    $140

          170                    $148

          180                    $156

          190                    $164

          200                   $172

          210                    $180



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201 North Main Street, Osceola, IA
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