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Dress Code

Why is there a dress code?

Dress codes serve many purposes when it comes to dance education. They create a sense of community and belonging, promote discipline (when it’s dance class, wearing my uniform is how I show my teacher I am ready to learn), and allow for full range of movement (I can move my whole body without anything getting in my way).From a teacher’s perspective, a dress code is a system put forth as part of our classroom management plan due to the fact that they eliminate distractions. Eliminating these distractions allows us to maximize our time together with learning and growing. Class teachers are able to easily identify proper placement and make necessary corrections to promote safe dance practices and technique. Proper dress not only helps teachers focus on technique and placement, but also allow dancers to focus on their dance technique rather than a possible distraction from clothing. Many types of clothing can be restrictive to movement and cause distraction while dancing. Proper dress code puts your dancer in the mindset of learning and reminds them that they are in the studio to dance. Just as when we wear a swimsuit our brain tells our body it is time to swim, when we are dressed in a leotard and tights our brain signals to our body that we are ready to learn and grow as a ballet dancer.

Tights protect the dancer’s feet from blisters. Dance shoes are not meant to be worn with socks. They should fit like a glove and socks are too bulky. Tights protect the dancer’s legs (floor burn). We will be doing floor work and tights allow the dancer to move easily across the floor. Tights are also there to help with Modesty!

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